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I offer individual sessions (1:1) in the client’s private home or care home/supported living house/clinic within Northampton




I also hold group sessions in care homes/supported living houses. hospices, nurseries, pre-schools, daycare treatment centres and community mental health centres.

For clients from outside of Northampton, I offer music therapy in the Parklands Community Centre for the additional fee of £10  (room hire fee).


I  work with clients with a wide variety of needs (Anxiety, Autism, people who are in long-term hospitalisation etc.), however, I mainly work with children from 0 to 7 years old.

I create an environment where my clients are truly free to express themselves. The spontaneous and improvisational nature of my sessions allows me to address each client's unique needs in the present moment.  By facilitating the therapeutic relationship through music, my clients are more willing to work on their most challenging goals.

Opening times: Monday to Sunday (Limited availability at the moment)

I offer services in the Northampton area.

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