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Music therapy can be used with people of all ages and abilities both mental and physical, in a variety of settings; there are no restrictions.


There are thousands of people across the United Kingdom that are born and living with a wide range of challenges. Music can help break down barriers and facilitate an individual to literally ‘find a voice’ to express themselves.


Music therapy can be beneficial for:

- Depression

- Autism

- Anxiety

- Premature babies

- Children and adults with additional needs (Autism, Down Syndrome,               Cerebral Palsy) and developmental delay conditions        

- Brain injury

- Sensory impairment

- Long term hospitalisation

- Parkinson’s Disease

- People who experienced trauma


Music therapy goals can be directed to:


- increase confidence

- reduce depression and anxiety

- improve social interaction and engagement with others

- help non-verbal people to express themselves

- improve motor skills, increase the range of motion

- increase speech, communication and language skills

- increase state of relaxation

- successful and safe self-expression

- enhanced auditory processing

- enhanced sensory-motor skills

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