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Rockin' in the Park

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

What an amazing experience it was to attend the Rockin’ Roadrunner Festival this year in Abington Park, Northampton, for its 8th year. The weather was kind and it turned out to be a glorious sunny day.

Surrounded by music, happiness and smiling faces; colours and an absolutely unforgettable atmosphere with very positive vibes.

My friend, who I used to work with supporting students with additional needs at Moulton College, attended the festival with me.

We met some of our ‘ex-students’ at the festival. It was so good to see them settled in their lives; many in paid employment, embracing their independence and happy.

It was absolutely great to watch and listen to ‘The AutistiX Band’. The three young men in the band all have autism. Autism gives them the talent and notable creativity. With their music they promote social inclusion and of course quality music. Amazing band!

What a pleasure to watch members of ‘Dance with a Difference’, performing several numbers that included dancing, singing and acting skills.

We also enjoyed DJ performances and stilt walkers, plus there was a varied number of relevant information stalls, along with food & refreshments and much more.

I enjoyed handing out my ‘MHarmony Music Therapy Services’ fliers and meeting and making new contacts within the Northampton area.

We left feeling happy and uplifted….

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